Sri Sri Sidheswar Mahaprabhu
Seated to Bless us at the top of Yamuna giri mountain . 1300 steps has to be climbed to see  the Lord Sri Sidheswar . People belive that no one return from Sri Sidheswar with empty handed.Yamuna Giri is situated 4Km away from Kabisurya Nagar towards Polasara of Ganjam Distof of state Odisha
A Mercury(Parada) Shiva Linga of 50 Kgs has Placed at the entrance


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Web Designed By :
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History of Lord Sri Sidheswar Mahaprabhu

Sri Sidheswar Baba has Seated himself on the hill of Jamunagiri which is Situated on 4 K.M. (four Kilometer) away across from Kabisuryanagar to Polasara Road near Jamuna village of Ganjam District.

   It’s Legend is very exciting because baba was visiting himself from village to village in the clad of saint. Once entering in the village Hindala, he had spent his life in the house of a innocent potter. As a result, that potter had got success in his all work & got a male child in the blessings of baba . The potter couldn’t recognise baba sidheswar as god. After some days the sons of potter had grown up & got married. Baba’s daily work was very hard. So all the members of his family were waiting him. Days past Being unsatisfied Baba left the home of old potter without giving any information.

   The old potter requested baba but what can he do ? He followed the lord & requested politely to stay with him. In this way hearrived on the top of the Yamunagiri hill which was sorounded by dence forest. The potter asked , oh! Lord how can I serve you in this dence forest ? Baba sidheswar said to the three son of potter about the rule & regulation of worship through dream.

   One when the potter was returning after complete the worship, at that time he had forgotten to take the bough. When he returned, he saw that baba has seated to eat . Seeing his return again to that place baba irritated & threw the bough. There  the side of prasadam was that Prasad will be offered to god in raw clay pot & the custom was not to see from back.
 Then by the direction of lord Sidheswar blowing conch for three times at the foot at the middle and at the top of the hill cooking pudding with the wooden mortared rice in a burnt mudpot, The Prasad has been offering to god till today ( Beginning from new grain to new rice).

     The sixteen cave of lord was also there in that cave. Entering to that elder son of the potter saw that Sidheswar baba himself has stayed with the company of old potter & other saints. There is a pond of lotos also. Only two person had entered in that cave till today. They were Gouda from hindalavillage and krushna mohan from borashing. A lot of change has been occurring in the place of baba Sidheswar  with the change of time & law of nature. For which this Yamunagiri has became an icon in the international level by placing a mercury Linga of 51 Kgs. For the first time in south india.

     This Mercury Linga of Lord Shiva Had been placed on the Mahashivaratri with much airs, sound of bell, Hymn, oblation, Aarti etc at the foot of hill.

     There is a pub for public in this place,water supply facility is also available here so now it is a suitable visiting place for picnic.

     1300 steps has to be climbed to see lord sidheswar, Now Odisha Govt. has approved it is a tourist place.( Source- http://sidheswaronjamuna.com )